39-Brookline Heads Down The Boulevard

39-Brookline moves down the Boulevard

The 39-Brookline trolley car heads down the 700 block of Brookline Boulevard in the mid-1960s. Rail service in Brookline had been the main form of public transportation from the early 1900's until the last run on September 3, 1966. Note the old businesses, only three of which are still in operation. From the left are Hilltop Music Center, the Pennsylvania State Liquor Store, Metropolitan Cleaners, Anderson's Radio and Appliance store, a bank, Star Shoe Service, Sal's Barber Shop, Premier Photo and Party Cake Bakery.

Today, nearly a half century later, only the Liquor store, Sal's Barber Shop and Party Cake Bakery remain in their former state. The building that once housed Premier Photo is now the Carnegie Library. The names on the facades may have changed, but the classic Brookline Boulevard look will always be the same, even without the nostalgic look of the Pittsburgh Railways trolley line.

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