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Picture of 2001 Brooking Boxing

The Brookline Boxing Club, or "Charlie's Angels" was a Brookline sensation dating back to 1958, when coach Chuck Senft, Brookline's long-time Recreation Director founded the club at the Moore Park Recreation Center. In forty-six years, from 1958 through 2003, the Angel's built up a reputation as one of the premier boxing clubs in Western Pennsylvania. In nearly half a century, the club brought home over 50 team championships and hundreds of individual titles in the Pennsylvania Golden/Silver Gloves competitions.

Inside the lobby of the Brookline Memorial Recreation Center, home of the Angels from 1971 to 2003, you can look at the "Wall of Champions", full of photos from the past half century of Brookline Boxing.

Since the reopening of the city Recreation Centers in 2005, the Boxing Club now continues under new leadership, and a new name, the Pittsburgh Boxing Club. Under new Center Director Michelle "Mickey" Underwood and former Brookline boxers Mike Bayens, Robert Brown and Carlos Schrader the program is again attracting local area youths hungry to learn the skills of the ring and yearning to continue the tradition of Brookline boxing excellence. Under their skillful guidance the Brookline Recreation Center once again offers the community's boxing hopefuls the same sort of skillful and talented instruction that we came to expect from the club's founder and spiritual leader, Chuck Senft.

Brookline Boxing Club Logo

Over the years, thousands of kids from the Brookline Community and many others from around the Pittsburgh area have learned boxing skills from Coach Senft, and under his leadership became Golden Gloves Champions.

Many names come to mind: Billy Anderson, Carlos Schrader, Ted Bayens, Mike Herisko, Harry Kaufman, Danny McKenna, Bob and David Healy, Mike and Victor Trapolsi, Jack Kobistek, twins Paul and Phil Chalmers, Gerald Desmuke, Bruno Riccardi, Scott Magdic, Michael Diven, Craig Paulet, Danny O'Brien, Robert Watkins, Tommy Alexander, Mike Morgan, Dave Wacker and Mark Daley, to name but a few. There were hundreds.

Below are a few years worth of memories. I once asked Chuck if he had any old pictures of champions and teams from the past forty-odd years. He took me out to his car and opened the trunk. It was full of old rolls of film, never developed. We tried taking a few to the store and they were illegible. What a gold mine of old memories that would have been.

So, we'll have to settle for what we have here for now. If anyone has any photos of old Brookline Boxing Champions or team photos that they would like included here, please contact us via the guestbook located on the Brookline Connection homepage.

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Coaches Chuck Senft, Mike Bayens,
 Mike Lenkner and Angels.
Boxing staff Bobby Mazzeo, Mike Bayens, Mike Lenkner and
Chuck Senft with two promising contenders.

* 1999-2000 Boxing Review *

The Brookline Boxing Club completed its 42nd season with Coach Chuck Senft by earning twelve gold medals and seven silvers in the 1999-2000 Golden/Silver Gloves championships. In addition to the nineteen individual medals, "Charlie's Angels" also won the Junior Olympic Championship, bringing to forty-seven the number of team trophies won during Coach Senft's four-plus decades as boxing director. The Brookline boxing team also took home the trophy for outstanding gym participation to top off another successful season.

The Brookline community offers its congratulations to Coach Senft, his staff (Mike Bayens, Carlos Schrader, Mike Lenkner, Bobby Mazzeo), and the entire Brookline team for their inspired efforts during this boxing season.


Brookline - Outstanding Gym Participant Award

90LB- Robert Watkins
100LB- Mike Bosiljavec
119LB- Brennen Gariel
119LB- Nick Fusco
120LB- Mike Custer
124LB- Phil Giampa

129LB- Anthony Lutz
132LB- Aaron Melodini
132LB- Chris Williams
139LB- Bob Brophy
139LB- Mike Peach
147LB- Phil Reinheimer
147LB- Tom Herisko

156LB- Ted Bayens
156LB- Vince Orlandini
156LB- Matt Garfold
178LB- James Neiport
178LB- Shane Carpenter
247LB- Brian Wilkesmore

Pittsburgh City Council proclaimed July 27, 1999
"Brookline Boxing Club Day" throughout the City of Pittsburgh!

* 1998-1999 Boxing Review *

The 1998-1999 Brookline Boxing Club has completed competition in the 1999 Golden Gloves tournament and it was another fine performance for "Charlie's Angels." Under the guidance of Boxing Director Chuck Senft, Brookline's boxers posted an overall 19-13 record, good enough for eight gold and six silver medals. As a team, Brookline won the Western Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Junior Olympic Championship and were the Western Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Sub-Novice co-champions.

The team championships brought to forty-six the number recorded under Coach Senft in his forty-one years as leader of the club. Individual gold medals were claimed by Scott Magdic, Brian Wilkesmore, Tony Susan, Mark Daley, Phil Giampa, Ronie Cabilr, Ryan Simmons and J.B. Reagan. Individual silver medals were earned by John Yimin, Robert Watkins, John Prilla, Dave Wacker, Jim Bauer and Shane Carpenter.

Scott Magdic, who won three fights on his way to the gold, was also awarded the "Outstanding Fighter" award for this year's tournament. Teammate Dave Wacker, who lost a close decision in the final round, was last year's winner.

Congratulations to Coach Senft and the entire "Charlie's Angels" team for another fine performance in the ring. Our community is fortunate to have such a talented team, year in and year out, to spread the message that Brookline is one of Western Pennsylvania's #1 sports neighborhoods.


Scott Magdic - Outstanding Fighter Award

75LB- Ryan Simmons
85LB- Robert Watkins
105LB- Phil Giampa
110LB- J.B. Reagan
125LB- Ronie Cabilr

130LB- Mark Daley
145LB- Tony Susan
147LB- Dave Wacker
178LB- Shane Carpenter

178LB- Scott Magdic
200LB- Jim Bauer
240LB- Brian Wilkesmore
250LB- John Yimin
SHVY- John Prilla

The Brookline Boxing club built a tradition of excellence dating back 46 years, from 1958 to 2003. During that time, no community boxing organization turned out more championships than Brookline. Coach Senft was one of the premier boxing instructors in the state of Pennsylvania. Since Chuck's retirement in 2003, the program, now operating under the name Pittsburgh Boxing Club is run by a few of Chuck's former boxers and instructors, Mike Bayens, Robert Brown, Carlos Schraeder and Michelle Underwood-Trapolsi.

To learn more about the ins and outs of a typical Brookline Boxing Club season from a former member of "Charlie's Angels, read the following article:

"The Rocky Road"

Article written by Chris Snowbeck, a member of the 1997-1998 Boxing Club
and a Post-Gazette Staff Writer. Article reprinted from the
July 26, 1998 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sunday Magazine.

* 1997-1998 Boxing Review *

The 1997-1998 Brookline Boxing team, under the direction of Coach Coach Chuck Senft , capped off another championship season by capturing the "Outstanding Team Trophy" at the Golden/Silver Gloves competition. Individually, team members took home eight gold medals and four silver medals. The Brookline Community extends its congratulations to all fighters and coaches on another excellent year, and we look forward to many more years of success for Coach Senft and his "Charlie's Angels."

Picture of Chuck's Champs.
Boxing Director Chuck Senft flanked by 1997-98 Brookline Golden
Gloves medalists, Joe Kellington (left) and John Ladasky (right).


Dave Wacker - Outstanding Fighter Award

59LB- Greg Greco
75LB- Ryan Simmons
90LB- Phil Giampa
112LB- Chris Snowbeck

112LB- Tom Muscarello
134LB- Theodore Bayens
143LB- Dave Wacker
150LB- Matt Emery

156LB- Tim Terlecki
178LB- John Ladasky
190LB- Brian Brugos
201LB- Joe Kellington

The Anatomy of an Amateur Bout

The following is a short clip from The Brookline Journal featuring one of Chuck Senft's best boxers, Carlos Schrader, who was one of the more fearsome of Chuck's "Angels." Carlos is the owner of several Golden Gloves titles, and his dedication to the boxing program continued even after his fighting days were over. A full-time Pittsburgh Police Officer, Carlos returned year after year to assist Coach Senft with the boxing workouts and now assists the Center's new Director Michelle Underwood in keeping the tradition of the Brookline Boxing Club alive and growing. A lot of Brookline kids are better prepared for the rigors of the ring, and for that matter life itself because of your efforts. This one's for you, Carlos.

* Copied from the Brookline Journal, April 2, 1987. Photos by Bob Greico *

Carlos and Chuck Prepare     Getting in the zone.

Chuck helps with the gloves.    Showtime!

Blasts From The Past!

Bill Anderson

Long-time Angel Billy Anderson spent more than a decade, from 1970 through the mid-80's, in and out of the ring promoting the tradition of excellence that is synonymous with the Brookline Boxing Program. Billy was one of the best fighters to step into the ring from Brookline, with six Golden Gloves championships and several other awards to his credit.

Bill Anderson, Gerald Desmuke and Carlos Schraeder

Contenders for the 1985 Silver Belts titles are Bill Anderson (165lbs), Gerald Desmuke (139lbs) and Carlos Schrader (lightweight cruiser). Boxers like Bill, Gerald and Carlos are what made the Brookline Boxing Club one of the most fearsome, and successful, teams in Western Pennsylvania for nearly a half a century.

Paul, Phil and Vince Chalmers with Coach Senft

Keeping it in the family are the Chalmers, twins Paul and Phil, along with younger brother Vince, shown here picking up a few punching tips from Coach Chuck Senft in 1985. Paul and Phil were both Junior Olympic champions, two of the hundreds of champions that wore the traditional black and white trunks of "Charlie's Angels."

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