Brookline Boulevard Reconstruction Plans
(Scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2013)

Note: 10/18/2011 - The project start date has been pushed back to the Spring of 2013 from the Summer of 2012. The completion date remains the same, Fall of 2013.
* Last Modified - December 2012 *

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With the exception of changes in the storefronts and the occassional repaving of the street surface, the look of Brookline Boulevard has remained essentially the same since 1966, when the trolley tracks that dissected the roadway were removed. After over fifty years, things will soon be changing as the Boulevard is scheduled for a major reconstruction project that will dramatically alter the look of our main thoroughfare.

The date for the project's beginning has been up in the air for several years, but the latest information indicates that the project will begin sometime in the Spring of 2013. The multi-million dollar transformation that will feature many modern amenities, yet preserve much of the current convenience of the heavily traveled roadway.

Intersection of Brookline Boulevard and
Pioneer Avenue before reconstruction    Intersection of Brookline Boulevard and
Pioneer Avenue after reconstruction
Sketches of the Pioneer Avenue/Brookline Boulevard intersection both before (left) and after reconstruction.

For the better part of a decade, the reconstruction project sat in political limbo. Design plans were introduced back in the spring of 2000. Funding was obtained by Representative Michael Diven in 2001. Since then, priorities shifted one way, then the other, while the Boulevard project took a back seat.

In late-2008, the South Pittsburgh Development Corporation, the Brookline Chamber of Commerce and the Brookline Area Community Council, came forward in a joint effort to resurrect the project, with help from State Senator Wayne Fontana, State Representative Chelsa Wagner, and Pat Hassett of the City of Pittsburgh.

An open meeting was held on May 5, 2009, where the residents and business owners of Brookline, had the opportunity to express their thoughts on the new Brookline Boulevard design plans. Subsequent meetings with the City of Pittsburgh, Maguire Group, and Baker Corporation got the project back on track.

Ground level view from Stebbins
 Avenue before reconstruction.    Ground level view from Stebbins
Avenue after reconstruction.
Sketches of the view from Stebbins Avenue, looking towards Flatbush, both before (left) and after reconstruction.

The project consists of improvements to a 1/2 mile section of Brookline Boulevard from Pioneer Avenue to Starkamp Street. The proposed improvements include the following:
- Geometric improvements to the intersection of Brookline Boulevard and Pioneer Avenue.
- New curbs and sidewalks on both the residential and business side.
- Intersection improvements including bumpouts, new curb ramps, and new traffic signals.
- Mill and overlay of existing roadway pavement.
- New signing and pavement markings.
- New street lighting, parking meters and drainage inlets.
- New landscaping and streetscape.
- Conversion of parking on Chelton Avenue from angled to parallel.

The $5 million funding is in place and will be available by the Fall of 2011. The final plans will be submitted in the Spring of 2012. Groundbreaking should be no later than the Spring of 2013. Construction should last one construction season and be completed no later than the Fall of 2013.

Baker Corporation has been selected for the project. Environmental studies have been completed. As a requirement of their contract, Baker Engineers will assign a project coordinator who will be contacting every business owner affected by the reconstruction, detailing their hours of operation, and coordinating issues and problems, while maintaining accessibility to their stores during the construction period.

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Excerpt From Councilwoman Rudiak's October 2011 Newsletter

There have been a lot of rumors flying around in the last month or so about the Brookline Boulevard reconstruction, so let me take a minute to help explain what is happening with the project. First, the reconstruction is still happening and is still slated for a Summer of 2013 finish, just as it has been for the last few years. Second, the budget has not changed for the project and there have been no changes to the recent plans that have been showed to the community over the last year or so.

The start date for the reconstruction has, however, been pushed back to early Spring of 2013 instead of mid-to-late Summer of 2012 as had previously been planned. This happened because PennDOT took an extended period of time to issue a decision related to the planned right-of-way changes for the Boulevard. They have since made their decision on this critical part of the project, however the extra time that they took forced the City to push the start date back.

But there is a silver lining to this change. While before the reconstruction would have spread into two construction seasons — Summer of 2012 and Spring/Summer of 2013 — now it will only effect one construction season — Summer of 2013 — thus disrupting businesses on the boulevard for a much shorter period of time. This should make the project a much easier burden to bear for our great neighborhood businesses and for the community as a whole.

At this point there are only a few approvals needed before the project gets the final OK from the state. First, the City must approve the traffic signalization plans. Second, PennDOT will have to approve some changes being made to the Brookline Boulevard/Pioneer Avenue intersection. Third, and finally, the final design plan will have to get one last sign off from PennDOT. Once these three items are approved, the reconstruction will officially begin!

If you have any questions about this or any other issue, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (412) 255-2131.

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December 2012 - Update from Councilwoman Rudiak's Office

In March 2012, the final public meeting was held regarding the design plans. And now, after over a decade of waiting, the time has finally come for the Brookline Boulevard Reconstruction Project!

On November 26, 2012, the Department of Public Works issued a bid advertisement, calling for construction bids for the project. Construction costs are now expected to total approximately $6,600,000. Contractors are slated to break ground this coming spring.

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Photos and Information Related to the Reconstruction Project

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