1974 Brookline Little League Association

1974 Girls Softball League All-Star Roster

UNITED METHODIST - Janice Graham and Kathy Vietmeier.
BROOKLINE LIONS - Tammy Gerhold and Anne Kelly.
RESURRECTION - Aileen Brown and Mary Kim Miller.
ST. MARKS - Sandy Hinkofer and Terri Hinkofer.
ST. PIUS X - Sandi Sabina and Maureen Little.
PRESBYTERIAN - Ann Caslin and Judy Miller.
OUR LADY OF LORETO - Bonnie Cridge and Elaine Dailey.
WOMAN'S CIVIC CLUB - Gladys Captaingeorge and Gloria Fortunato.
COACHES PICKS - Lori Kinzel and Ann Fuchs.
THIS YEARS COACH - Miss Patty Tokar.

* Roster reprinted from the Brookline Journal - August 15, 1974 *

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