Real Estate Advertisements - 1902

Below are a few Pittsburgh Press advertisements that ran in May 1902. They announce the building of the Fleming Place and Hughey Farms housing plans, two of the first to be built in Brookline. Fleming Place included Kenilworth, Jillson, Shawhan, Waddington, Aidyl and part of Plainview Avenues. Hughey Farms was adjacent to Fleming Place and included parts of Plainview and Woodward Avenues, as well as Winterhill Avenue.

The plans were being built in anticipation of the new traction line, which would bring street car service to Brookline via an extension on the existing single track rail line along West Liberty Avenue. The area was still part of West Liberty Borough and the Hughey Farms ads make reference to this being the Mount Lebanon region. That distinction would soon change. In 1905 the name "Brookline" was adopted as the official designation of this part of West Liberty Borough.

These early years in the growth of the Brookline community were a great time for individual investment opportunities, and the available lots were selling fast. Many were resold soon afterwards at a handsome profit.

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Real Estate Advertisement - 1902.

Real Estate Advertisement - May 7, 1902.

Real Estate Advertisement - May 9, 1902.

Real Estate Advertisement - May 14, 1902.

Real Estate Advertisement - May 16, 1902.

Real Estate Advertisement - May 25, 1902.

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The Fleming Place Plan - 1921
Brookline's Fleming Place housing development, in 1921, as seen from Vodeli Street in Beechview. Hughey Farms
is adjacent to the left of Fleming Place, and includes parts of Plainview, Woodward and Winterhill Avenues.

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